I consider footwear an extension of human culture and history. Footwear has the unique capability of expression that other apparel items do not.  It is the final punctuation mark for any given outfit. Not only does it set the tone, it can also refine or reframe the whole self.

Footwear is inherently complex, yet immediately relatable. 

This portfolio intends to achieve a sense of understanding not only the basics of construction and materials in footwear design, but also the consumers ideals and needs bundled into an item that helps them to express their identity. The story each product can tell, combined with the performance and function necessary. Products provide us with function, but comfort is king. Comfort is subjective, and individualistic—derived from personal satisfaction in the product. Is it the right “fit” is not only determined by size, but also by activity & aesthetics.

I strive to establish the personal connection needed to create products that drive comfortable expression. Having a product like this gives someone the chance to do things they were not necessarily comfortable doing before. It stirs social change at the micro level. Cultures and subcultures alike have been moved to greater heights through footwear. While this has been taken to extremes, it should not be overlooked that many people feel this sense of motivation through a product.

May these products motivate you to create change by putting your best foot forward.

Let's get to work.



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